About Us

Lucyees.com, where you can find thousands of popular Pet Products at reasonable prices.

At Lucyees,we provide you with an exceptional shopping experience because customers' satisfaction is important. We have the perfect collection of pet products to meet your needs through our standard shopping practices. Our mission is to provide better and higher quality pet products for pets around the world. Our primary offerings are Pets Beds, Pets Toys, Pets Clothing etc.

Our Story
Lucyees.com is a store that was started by three friends after they met while traveling the world. The store was set up because they have a passion to share unique products that they discover during their travels around the world for our Pets

Our Products

Lucyees offers a wide range of pet products to our customers, with new products appearing on this site every day. Our innovative marketing department is constantly searching for the most fashionable products for our pets to appeal to and meet the broad needs of our customers. We are committed to enhancing your experience with our top-notch products at the lowest prices for a wide selection of quality!

We choose products to sell based on their excellent designs and proven reliability. Therefore, the quality is guaranteed. Our QC team will perform a thorough inspection to make sure that product quality meets the International ISO quality standards, any product failed to meet our QC standards will be returned for replacement. So we are sure that every product which from us, are high quality and suitable for your pets.

Our advantages.

• We offer quality products; and our delivery is quick and precise;

• We optimize your shopping experience;

• We offer non-discriminatory prices to everyone, wherever in the world you are;

• We provide decent 24/7 customer service (Email, Phone);

Vision & Mission
Our choice of quality natural materials and hand-crafting makes for a higher cost, but our main focus is the quality of the product and your pet's health.
You are never going to be left alone at Lucyees, we are doing our utmost, to satisfy your needs. Our pre Sales customer service will answer to every question, help you with any concerns that you might have.